Who say’s there’s no time to workout? 30 and 45 minute workouts for executives, athletes, models, actors, and mothers on the go!

Type A Training was established as a response to the demands of our top clients whose daily workload, corporate and personal obligations far exceed that of an average individual in New York City. We specialize in Full Body Circuit Workouts that take as little as 30 Minute. All in the comfort of your home, outside or private gym.


All Type A Training is exclusively done in clients’ homes, private gyms, or outside in local parks. Each workout consists of the core fundamentals that made Type A Training what it is today: Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Core Stabilization!

So what do all busy New Yorkers have in common when it deals with exercising… time of course! With that said, the second most important factor is the effectiveness of your workouts. Therefore, our full body workouts always include Strength, Endurance, Agility and flexibility.

With our 30 – 45 minute program you will receive an efficient workout saving you time and keeping your busy New York City day on track!


Nathaniel, owner and founder of Type A Training, has developed a similar workout method that made him one of the most sought after trainers in NYC with write ups in New York Magazine, Timeout NY and Allure magazine.

What It’s All About?

Now you can train with your spouse, friend or a co-worker! Type A Training still consists of all the core fundamentals that made Type A Training what it is today. You will still get the personal attention with the added accountability, encouragement, and motivation from your family and friends.


Here are important components that make the 21 Day Fitness Makeover a successful weight loss program!


You will learn to use more muscles at one time, rather then focusing on isolated movements. More muscle involvement means more calories burned, period!


Most people fail on their fitness programs due to poor eating habits. It’s not just about counting calories, it’s about eating the right nutrients from the right foods.


We educate, support, and guide you every step of the way. Applying just the right amount of pressure to make sure you follow through!


Our Trainers are all Certified fitness and weight loss EXPERTS! Type A Training has helped numerous people just like you successfully lose weight, look great, and feel like a million bucks. We customize a program for YOU, based on your needs.



Stability & Core Training is for anyone! It reduces back pain, improves athletic performance and postural imbalances, which make you better in any thing you do from running, playing golf, to playing tennis etc. The Stability & Core Training program consists of a wide variety of exercises including Swiss balls, medicine balls, rubber-bands and of course your very own body.

Many of the tasks we do in our daily lives works on our core strength like reaching for objects such as books or magazines, lifting heavy boxes, even maintaining your balance on the NYC subway cars as they stop and go at each of the stops. Here is a great article about core training and a list of exercises that I incorporate into the routines: The Best Core Exercise.


You can use these Yoga sessions as a post-workout, post-run or cool down or just simply take the session as a stand alone workout for the cross-training benefits.

The main focus of the Yoga program is improving flexibility in targeted areas in the body; hamstrings, hips, calves, IT bands, groins and upper back which are the most common issues that runners, cyclists and athletes have. We also start every session with self-massage/rolling with yoga therapy balls.  The yoga balls target areas of the body much better than the typical foam roller can.  It will help increase your mobility and range of motion before the yoga sequence.  As well as aid in your recovery from those long runs and intense workout or long days in front of a computer at work..

The benefits for adding yoga to your weekly schedule.
  • Rebalancing the body from not being active or sitting all day at the office

  • Better Sleep which will aid in your recovery from your intense workouts.

  • Reduction of stress, aches & pains.

  • Learn breathing, relaxation & meditation techniques to help focus better



“The personal training rates are uniquely designed to keep you motivated, committed and accountable with your workouts” – Nathaniel, Owner/Founder of Type A Training

Four 30 Min. Sessions
$200 (reg. $340)
Four 45 Min. Sessions
$300 (reg. $500)

Four 30 Min Sessions
$340 | $85per
Eight 30 Min Sessions
$656 | $82 per
Twelve 30 Min. Sessions
$960 | $80per
Twenty Four 30 Min. Sessions
$1848 | $77per

Four 45 Min Sessions
$500 |$125 per
Eight 45 Min Sessions
$960 | $120 per
Twelve 45 Min. Sessions
$1380 | $115 per
Twenty Four 45 Min. Sessions
$2640 | $110 per

*new members only

Off-peak hours are only offered between 2pm to 5pm and 8:30pm to 10pm Mondays thru Friday.

Twelve 30 Min. Sessions)
$840 | $70 per
Twelve 45 Min. Sessions)
$1080 | $90 per

NOTE: The Off-peak special is only available in 12 session packages, you must train a minimum of 3x weekly.


Four 30 Min Sessions
$380 |$95 per
Eight 30 Min Sessions
$720 | $90 per
Twelve 30 Min. Sessions
$1020 | $85 per


Four 45 Min Sessions
$500 |$125 per
Eight 45 Min Sessions
$960 | $120 per
Twelve 45 Min. Sessions
$1380 | $115 per




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