ENDURANCE: Clients are moved through a tailored workout that elevates the metabolism and improves endurance and energy that carries the client into their day of meetings, travel, shopping, and the typical stressful New York City day.

FLEXIBILITY: We recognize the importance of the body's range of motion. All workouts include range of motion enhancement techniques. These techniques promote and increase mobility and balance that reduce such symptoms as arthritis and lower back problems.

STRENGTH: We take into consideration the wear & tear on the body as a result of business, travel, & stress. Due to the natural degenerative effects of the aging process, conditions ranging from arthritis to osteoporosis can be prevented & treated with resistance exercises.

Who say’s there’s no time to workout? 30 and 45 minute workouts for executives, athletes, models, actors, and mothers on the go.

Type A Training was established as a response to the demands of our top clients whose daily workload, corporate and personal obligations far exceed that of an average individual in New York City. We specialize in Full Body Circuit Workouts that take as little as 30 Minutes. All in the comfort of your home, outside or private gym.