In-Home Personal Training For Seniors Designed For Ages 65+

Staying fit is important for seniors. It will allow you to get back to doing the activities you love or continue doing them for longer. Being in good shape gives you more energy for your daily activities.

Why You should Try Senior Fitness

You'll feel better and be less prone to injuries too. Our senior workouts focus on what's important for seniors like flexibility, core strength and back pain. Core training is part of all of our senior fitness plans and workouts.  A strong core helps to keep you upright. You need a solid core for stability, balance and good posture.

We've  created perfect program for seniors with a mix of Strength training, Yoga and Pilates at each workout.  

Strength training for seniors has been shown to reverse the signs of muscle atrophy. At Type A Training we customize a strength training program that will fit your needs and goals

We choose Yoga and Pilates because they stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. Both yoga and Pilates increase and maintain mobility, increase flexibility and ultimately improve posture.

Simply put, it'll make everyday life easier... from getting up and going to work, from playing with grand kids to playing your favorite sport!

Other types of strength training

Other types of strength training that we do for seniors focuses on the legs and arms. This allows you to easily get up and down and also do any lifting you need to do around your home. ​ This is achieved with traditional strength training specific yoga and pilates movements.  ​Never tried yoga or pilates?  Don't worry we have experts that will show you and will be able to modify ​anything you have trouble with.

It doesn't matter what your current fitness level is! You can always improve yourself!

With Type A Training we will evaluate and give you a full and detailed assessment of your whole body to create a custom fitness program that fits your needs. Rest assured our personal trainers can work around any illness or injury in order to provide you with a fitness routine that is right for you and your abilities.

  • Reduce an​​​​d eliminate chronic back pain
  • Improve posture, better posture makes you move Easier 
  • Rehabilitate an injury or surgical procedure
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    Improve your overall fitness and stamina levels
  • Increase mental capacity, resulting in a lower number of seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Fitness is extremely important as you age.

Exercising regularly is the key to maintaining your energy and also your health. Getting older does not give you an excuse to let yourself go and commit to a sedentary lifestyle. You can keep doing the activities you enjoy. Many seniors strive to be able to keep up with their grandchildren and maintain their own independence around their homes. Committing just a small amount of time and effort can help you to keep your fit and youthful shape even as an older adult.

Exercise is important for good senior health because it:

  • Strengthens Muscles: Muscle mass decreases as a person ages. Muscle mass reduces by 1 percent per year after the age of 30 and 2 percent after the age of 50. Light strength training can improve muscle mass by over 3.8 percent and strength by over 113 percent at the end of 10 weeks in seniors aged 60-98.
  • Increases Flexibility and Balance: The most common injury for seniors is a slip-and-fall that breaks a hip. These accidents usually occur in the home of the senior. By increasing flexibility and balance, seniors are less likely to fall and break a hip. It has been proven that seniors who suffer a fall become more fragile than those who don't and also suffer from an increased risk of dementia and depression.
  • Eases Stiffness and Pain in the Joints: Each year, millions of seniors are disabled by various forms of arthritis. Exercise has been shown to ease the stiffness and the pain of arthritis as the joints stretch and become flexible.
  • Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure: High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two of the most common complaints of seniors. Regular exercise is shown to reduce both and improve senior health.

We Have Some Of The Best Trainers In NYC

“We've been serving Manhattan For Over 20 Years. We have over 25 certified and insured personal trainers, that have all been personally vetted and interviewed by me. When a trainer goes to your home or private gym be confident that your getting the best”

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.

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Try Us Out And Purchase The Starter Pack Below For $300

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