The Platinum starter package

A complete workout and recovery package, personalized to your Specific needs. Get Started today with our most popular bundle package and save over $378.

*buy for $882 (normally $1260 when purchased separately)

What makes the Platinum Starter Package So Great?

the Platinum starter package is for someone who needs to make serious changes to their exercise and health routines. This starter package will hold you accountable to your trainer(s) for two full weeks.  That's ten one on one training sessions with a professional.

package details

  • Four 45min One on One Personal training Sessions (valued at $480)
  • Two 45min Pilates or Yoga Sessions (valued at $240)
  • two Boxing Sessions (valued at $240)
  • two 45min full body stretches (valued at $300)

*you can customize this package any way you like.

Get To Train With Multiple Trainers

  • 1
    Personal Training

Our personal trainers know in order to get the most out of your training and to reduce injury, strength training must be included in any fitness routine.

  • 2
    Yoga Training

Many people complain of being too tight or not moving fluidly throughout the day. Yoga can solve this problem. 

  • 3
    Pilates Training

One on one training with Pilates is new to some people. Try it out and see the difference with a few classes. Learn to move with ease and less effort.

  • 4
    Boxing Training

Want to punch harder and faster in classes or just want to learn basic or advance moves? Let one of our instructors perfect your form. 

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You will be working with several trainers all who are experts in there respective field (Strength training, pilates, yoga, boxing, stretching and more).   

Get To Train With One Our Many Specialists

This Two Week Package Provides Professional Guidance From Certified And Insured Experts. You Get To Train With Multiple Trainers If You Want. Or Find A Trainer You Like And Work With Them Exclusively.

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.

Purchase The Platinum Starter Package For $882

This Starter Package Will Hold You Accountable For Two Full Weeks. That's 10 One On One Training Sessions With A fitness expert!  

Start Training In Less Then 24 Hours!

*buy for $882 (normally $1260 when purchased separately)