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Trouble Getting To A Gym (traveling, work commitments or just life)? Then Our LIVE 1 On 1 Skype/ FaceTime Personal Training Is Just For You. You’ll Be Matched With One Of Our Expert Personal Trainers Who Will Design A Customized Workout And Nutrition Plan.

No gym. No rude People. No Traveling. Just results.


Personal Training

Trouble getting to a gym (traveling, work commitments or just life)? Then our LIVE 1 on 1 Skype/ faceTime Personal Training is just for you. you’ll be matched with one of our expert personal trainers who will design a Customized workout and nutrition plan. 

No gym. No rude People. No Traveling. Just results.

skype & facetime online training in

the privacy of your home

Workout from anywhere with Type A Training Online Personal Training Sessions. Skype/ FaceTime Personal Training sessions give you the same interaction via Skype/FaceTime that you would have if  it was face to face training in the comfort of your home. If you have equipment that you can incorporate into your training that’s great, but don’t worry if you don’t because most of my workouts are geared towards body weight and functional training using minimal equipment.

How do you learn how to do each exercise Properly without getting injured?

with Each training program your trainer will do a full fitness consultation to review your goals and determine which type of program fits your needs.  your trainer will also go over each exercise that you do step by step to insure that you are doing it Properly without risk of injury and for making good progress in your program.

The benefits of LIVE online Skype/ facebook personal training.

  • You don’t have to be in the same location. Your trainer can work with you when you travel, keeping you motivated. Or even if you relocate, you don’t have to say “goodbye” to your favorite trainer. For this very reason, some say Skype/ facebook is a life saver.
  • You can have a workout right in your office during lunch.
  • And unlike pre-taped workout videos, online Skype/ facebook personal training is live, so the trainer knows what the client is doing, making it easy to correct a client who is doing an exercise wrong – or encourage a client to keep going if he/she wants to quit.
  • Results are just as good as being with a trainer face to face!

Online Personal Training Process and How It Works

By working out at home you save time since you don’t have to travel back and forth. Home workouts are especially great for moms who have babies or small children, as they feel more at ease when their kids are within reach – or if you can’t get a baby sitter.

Step 1.


Complete a thorough medical history From the Start a comprehensive fitness assessment is done to find the current state of your medical condition.

They will also perform a musculoskeletal screening and use the information in addition to science (anatomy, etc) to better understand your condition and how your body will respond to a fitness program. 

Step 2.


We assess where you are now. We evaluate and recondition your body as a whole, not just the area of pain which is the norm when your are in a physical therapist, doctor or clinic type atmosphere.

Our training create a 100% customized program just you.  Consisting of Session and Home Exercises. We also evaluate your progress with evaluations every 4 weeks.

Step 3.


Accountability + Motivation = Real Results Remove the obstacles in your way.

Improve the quality and efficiency of movement reduce pain and limitation and restore function to the individual so that they can enjoy a more active lifestyle.

*What is FaceTime? It’s a feature of Ipad and Iphone devices that allows you to use realtime conferencing. Learn more here. What is Skype? It’s a free service for internet phone and webcams. It works on both Mac and PC. Learn more here.

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We Have Some Of The Best Trainers In NYC

“We've been serving Manhattan For Over 20 Years. We have over 25 certified and insured personal trainers, that have all been personally vetted and interviewed by me. When a trainer goes to your home or private gym be confident that you're getting the best”

Online Personal Training

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.

Personal Training Rates

Our personal training packages are good for any one on one personal training service.

Our Personal Training Packages Below Are Good For Any One On One Personal Training Services.

Training services Include: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Boxing, TRX, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Pre & Post Natal, and Kids training.

  • The Starter Package
  • 30 Min. Workouts
  • 45 Min. Workouts

Try Us Out And Purchase The Starter Pack For $249

  • One Time Purchase
  • (3) 45 Minute Workouts
  • 30% Off Reg. Prices
  • Package Expires in 14 Days Of 1st Training Session

Try Us Out For One Training Session. If We Are Not A Good Fit We'll Refund 100% Of Your Money.

*(3) 45 Min. Sessions For $249

Charles r

-Training since 2016-

I have been working out at with Type A Training for close to 5 years now. Nathaniel (the owner) and his team have will work closely with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. The best part that during the COVID close down I was still able to get my training completed by training with different Type A Training staff. They all kept me motivated and focused on my goals! I highly recommend contacting Nathaniel to start reaching your goals!

Danny V

-Training since 2020-

I find that the trainers at Type A Training is positive and always upbeat. The variety of trainers with their different techniques and methods is very refreshing and keeps me interested. I enjoy the mix of styles each trainer has in my workouts. The workouts are 45 minutes long and each trainers pushes you to the limits of your capability. I’m very satisfied with my results and look forward to continuing.

Luciano s

-Training since 2019-

I highly recommend Type A Training. The personal trainer that was assigned to me is the best I have ever had and that is from someone who has had multiple trainers in the last 15 years. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable about exercises that address target areas that I wanted to focus on. Overall great experience and would recommend this company to anyone serious about their health and fitness.

In-Home Personal Training Anywhere in Manhattan

Type A Training LLC

Type A Training Is An In-Home Personal Training Company That Specializes In 30 And 45 Minute Full Body Circuit Workouts. Our Personal Trainers Have Been Serving Manhattan For Over 20 Years, With Over 25 Certified, Personally Vetted And Insured Trainers.

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