Yoga For CEO's,
Athletes and General Health

By adding yoga to your weekly training you will begin to listen to your body and get to understand the messages of your body.

Yoga For CEO's and

Top Management.

For Senior Executives and CEOs, spend much of their time safeguarding the wellbeing of their employees which often leads to neglecting their own. Combine this with dealing with clients, juggling important project deadlines and traveling to meeting to meetings, can quickly lead to alarmingly high stress levels.

Many studies now prove that how being mindful or practicing meditation can reduce cortisol levels in the brain, the hormone responsible for causing stress.

It can also help to thicken grey matter in the brain, improving the ability to process information, and trigger the release of serotonin and endorphins, chemicals closely linked to feelings of happiness and euphoria. This is the reason why many of the top CEO’s practice With results like this, it’s no wonder the likes of Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington are huge advocates of practicing mindfulness.

Meditation helps you focus. Research has shown that our minds have a tendency to wander about 50% of the time. Add in work interruptions, text messages, IMs, phone calls, and emails, and it’s no surprise that employees have a hard time staying focused. But studies show that meditation training can help curb our tendency for distraction, strengthening our ability to stay focused and even boosting memory.

Our goal to give you the tools to consciously become more and more aware of the present moment, thus putting you in a perfect place to make important business decisions.


Meditation enhances creativity. Research on creativity suggests that we come up with our greatest insights and biggest breakthroughs when we are in a more meditative and relaxed state of mind. That is when we have “eureka” moments. This is likely because meditation encourages divergent thinking (i.e. coming up with the greatest number of possible solutions to a problem), a key component of creativity.

- Emma Seppala, Ph.D., is the Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and author of The Happiness Track.

Yoga For Athletes

Yoga For Athletes

Yoga for athletes not only improves flexibility but also posture, body mechanics, and awareness, yoga can also make every form of training you do more effective and efficient.

​Most importantly by improving body awareness, you will reduce the risk of injury, both in training (most injuries happen during training) and competition.

How Athletes Will Benefit With Yoga

  • Increased Power: When our body is properly aligned, we can transmit force much more efficiently and perform better across the board. Whatever your sport, by returning your body to its optimal alignment, yoga improve your running gait and efficiency, and help you punch, jump, or throw more power.
  • Balance/Proprioception: You will achieve better body awareness, including balance, stability, and proprioception. As a result, not only is performance enhanced but our training becomes far more efficient.
  • Enhanced Recovery: With improved circulation and lymphatic flow, yoga for athletes will allow muscles to process metabolic byproducts more quickly and efficiently, which in turns will speed up the recovery process so your working out again at 100% effort level.
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    Improved Focus: Regular yoga practice enhances clarity and focus. Asking the body to perform at 100% on demand with zero distractions you need to be 100% focused with the highest degree of clarity of the task your asking your body to do. As Ultraman world-champion, Rich Roll states, “When you look at the highest level of sport, all athletes are incredibly talented and train extremely hard. So what distinguishes the Olympic champion from the ‘also-ran?’ The mind.” Practiced regularly, yoga for athletes can give you the awareness and mindfulness you need to take both your training and your athletic performance to the next level.
Yoga For Athletes In Manhattan

Yoga For Health

We recommend doing at least once a week. If flexibility is more of a problem with you then twice a week would be more beneficial. We usually recommend that you schedule your yoga session the day after you workout. By doing this it will help you recover quicker getting you back into the gym for your next workout.

Why You Need Yoga?

Lifestyle and professions revolving around technology require us to sit crouching before a television, laptop or desktop for long durations, causing strain in our neck muscles causing Cervicalgia, as neck pain is better known in medical terms. When the causes of neck pain are simple, why not the cure?

By adding yoga to your weekly training you will begin to listen to your body and get to understand the messages of your body. You begin to learn where you are strong or weak, tight or flexible, or simply holding on to stress in certain parts of your body which can result in injury.

Benefits Of Yoga

  • Reduce Back Pain: Yoga and stretching has been recommended by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. This is because yoga is a wonderful overall body stretch and light exercise that anyone can do – no matter their physical fitness level or limitations.
  • Reduces Stress: Become aware of our body, breath and state of mind through the practice of stillness, breath and movement we are able manage our nervous system and release stress.
  • Reduces Anxiety: Become aware of our body, breath and state of mind through the practice of stillness, breath and movement we are able manage our nervous system and release stress.

The fast pace of life today creates stress and tension that takes a toll on our health - mental, physical and emotional.

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Yoga For Athletes in NYC

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