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We Work With High End Clients That Are CEO’s, Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs And Moms With Schedules That Call For Extreme Focus And Attention. VIP Personal Training comes right to your home or office for your convenience.

For Health conscious professionals that want the best

Why VIP personal training?  The truth is that no matter how successful you are or the amount of money you have it really comes down to one thing and that's your health. Not being healthy = low energy, decreased productivity, higher levels of stress and your just physically exhausted. How do you expect to keep things going successfully? Now more then ever successful people understand the importance of good health and make it a priority to have it. If you're not in good health you are just not living life at its fullest.

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The Starter Pack below for $300

 Get four 45 Min. Sessions For $300 | Expires 14 day after Purchase

Try Us Out And Purchase The Starter Pack Below For $300

 Get Four 45 Min. Sessions For $300

what's vip personal training

We work with high-end clients that are CEO’s, Vice Presidents Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs and Moms with schedules that call for extreme focus and attention. That taking a gym break for 60 minutes will never happen. Yet, it’s the one thing in their lives that keeps them going! This program is for those people who understand the importance of their health to be a success in life and business.

the vip fitness plan

Workout in the privacy of your own home, private gym or office. We will set you up with the perfect personal trainer to reach your goals based on your needs and wants from the training. We even do bi-monthly check-ins to look at things such as changes in your work, stress level, up and coming traveling plans, etc and re-adjust your schedule accordingly.

why it works

  • Myself and your trainer will devise a customized program based on your needs. Do you have stress and a loss of concentration? Then perhaps we focus on more yoga and pilates with meditation. Do you need more energy for your long days then you would focus on intense circuit training to help with your stamina throughout the day. 
  • We are involved, so on a bi-monthly schedule we take a look at things such as work, stress level, up and coming traveling plans, etc and re-adjust your schedule accordingly
  • Zero excuses for not working out. We eliminate any need for you to travel to a gym, we offer exclusive private sessions (at home, private gym, office or hotel) with a highly qualified and fully insured personal trainer.

Here's A List Of highly successful people who workout.

Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Apple’s CEO is a self-described fitness nut – he wakes up at 4:30/5am daily, and hits the gym prior to going into the office (Wall Street Journal). He asserts doing this clears his mind and prepares him for thinking more creatively.

Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group

When author Tim Ferriss asked the mogul how he stays productive, Branson answered "work out," as recorded in Ferriss' 2010 book "The 4-Hour Body." Branson said his physical activities, which can include swimming, Bikram Yoga, rock climbing, running, and weightlifting gives him at least four additional hours of productivity each day.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

Keeping in mind that his workweek generally clocks in at approximately 100 hours, Musk prides himself on squeezing in a workout twice a week. He generally opts for a treadmill, lifting weights, or standing on planes type of workout.

Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief

Jess Cartner-Morley at The Guardian reported that Wintour, the famed editor-in-chief of American Vogue, wakes up every morning at 5:45 a.m. to play tennis before her daily hair appointment at 6:45 a.m. This routine keeps Wintour disciplined and moving forward.

Oprah Winfrey

Being a Weight Watchers spokesperson (and investor) now, Oprah Winfrey has made her commitment to fitness clear. She says she strives to get in 10,000 steps (or around five miles) a day. "I try to do something every day that allows me to feel active, and I don't make myself crazy about it," the billionaire media maven told People.

Source: Vivian Giang, businessinsider.com  (follow her on Twitter)

​"If you create a culture in which vibrant physicality is an admired thing, you've achieved a lot. A healthy workforce is​​​​ a productive workforce."

- Arianna Huffington, President, Huffington Post Media Group

who's VIP Personal Training for?

VIP Training is for those who take their health extremely seriously and understand that not being in peak physical condition will not yield the results they want. Which when it comes down to it, it's perfection in every expect of their lives. Whether it's a CEO trying to increase the companies bottom line, an Entrepreneur working 20 plus hours everyday or even a Mom (dads too) who pretty much has a 24 hour job of dealing with the household we will get you to your health goals to help you make your business and life goals.


No sleep, daily stress from work, family and friends. Countless meetings and phone calls as well as last minute traveling... It's no wonder that many leave there health last on the list of to-do's. Be successful with work and life.

Senior Executives

Schedules that are so demanding that they have no time for themselves. Juggling meetings, phone calls and staying on top of every situation in the company. Poor health will make their jobs even more difficult.


Our most popular VIP client use us so they can keep up with their fast paced lifestyles. Whether it's last minute meetings with clients or going out for drinks to strategize with partners. You need balance in your life. You need to workout as passionately as you work.



We Have Some Of The Best Trainers In NYC

“We've been serving Manhattan For Over 25 Years. We have over 30 certified and insured personal trainers, that have all been personally vetted and interviewed by me. When a trainer goes to your home or private gym you can be confident that You're getting the best”

VIP Personal Training

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.

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This Is Not A One Size Fits All Approach, Each VIP Client Will Be Is Assessed Thoroughly To Determine Exactly The Best Way To Train You. We Know Clients Change. So With VIP We Change Also. We Routinely Switch Out Trainers (Optional But Encourage) To Keep Things Fresh.


45 Minute Sessions

Includes 3 Weekly Workouts For One Year

  • Three private sessions weekly
  • Exclusively done in the privacy of your home, private gym, office or hotel gym/room
  • Based on your needs you will have a private trainer, and a yoga/ pilates instructor assigned to you.

$20,000/ $128 per



45 Minute Sessions

Includes Weekly Workouts For One Year.

  • Five private training sessions weekly
  • Exclusively done in the privacy of your home, private gym, office or hotel room/gym
  • Based on your needs you will have a private trainer, and a yoga/ pilates instructor.
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    Never miss a workout. Your VIP status, we will always have a trainer on hand for you.

$30,000/ $115 per

learn about our Starter Packages, as low as $200

*we offer 3 starter pack options

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