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Corrective Exercise Specialists in Manhattan who come to your home or Private gym.

Suffering from lower back pain and overwhelmed with online solutions? You're not alone. Hiring a personal trainer near you can be the best solution to ease your pain permanently and live a happier, healthier life. With expert guidance, you can start enjoying life to the fullest.

Say Goodbye To Lower Back Pain

Have you tried the typical solutions for your lower back pain, such as buying new furniture, consulting your primary physician, or seeing a chiropractor, but haven't found a permanent solution? It's time to consider a personal trainer.  Personal trainers are not just for weight loss, as many people assume. They can assist with a variety of health and fitness issues to help you achieve your goals.

If your lower back pain is a result of sitting all day in front of a computer, exercising before or after work can significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing pain.  Trying to exercise on your own when dealing with a specific issue can be intimidating. While there is a lot of information available on the internet, free DIY workouts and stretches may not be the best sources.

Having a Corrective Exercise Specialist who can see you from all angles can help you adjust your form and customize your workouts to reach your goals more quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of using a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Hiring a personal trainer goes beyond just achieving your fitness goals. They can be your partner in fitness, supporting you on your journey to success. If you need accountability when it comes to working out, a personal trainer can provide personalized 1-on-1 support.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a personal trainer is their expertise. At Type A Training our certified trainers have many years of experience, which means we have seen it all. Whatever your pain, we can help alleviate it.

When it comes to lower back pain, a physical therapist may seem like the better solution. However, physical therapy only provides temporary relief. To stay pain-free in the long run, it's essential to build muscle to support your back.

This is where a personal trainer (Corrective Exercise Specialist) comes in. They can help you build muscle efficiently, Safely,  and effectively, 

We Bring Our Corrective Exercise Experts Right To Your Home

The goal of our In-Home Corrective Exercise Service is to help maximize your overall independence and wellness in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home. So no more commuting to and waiting for your appointment at the clinic or gym.

The primary benefit of using a Type A Training Corrective Exercise Personal Trainer is that we come right to your home or apartment gym (your office if applicable). Our Prehab Experts will customize a program by working with your physical therapist/ doctor to give the best training program possible to get you back to your normal lifestyle.


Let One Of Our Highly Qualified And Fully Insured Corrective Exercise Trainers Design A Customized Training Program To Help you.

Several studies have demonstrated that supervised exercise is a safe and highly effective method for managing lower back pain [2-5]. By working with one of our certified fitness professionals, you can reduce the risk of future injury and spinal damage while also receiving a challenging and rewarding workout.

What Can Corrective Exercise Trainers Do For You?

Although we are a Personal Training company, we also have Corrective Exercise Trainers who can develop safe and effective post rehabilitative fitness programs for clients with various limitations that are recovering from a variety of injuries, including shoulders, knees, and lower-back, as well as tendonitis.

Our staff of trainers is comprised of a team of personal trainers who have completed specific Medical Exercise Training Certifications (NASM, MES certification, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist) that qualify them to work with pre-post rehab clients as well as preventive care.  We can also work directly with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure that you are making the best recovery so you can return to your normal lifestyle and activities

Type A Training's Process and How Corrective Exercise Works

Movement is one of the most effective ways to alleviate lower back pain. Exercise/ working out is indeed the best medicine. Our Medical Exercise Specialist, offer an essential hands on guide to help you identify the root cause of your discomfort and provides stretching and strengthening techniques to help you feel great. The first step in this process is the completing our FMS test to see exactly where you are at.

Our Approach To The Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

We will rebuild you with a more solid foundation to help with rehabbing injuries, re-injuring old ones and MOST important preventing injuries in the first place. The (FMS) is an effective assessment that provides a safe, personal analysis of how well your body moves. The FMS results will help the corrective exercise specialist address and correct any type of movement deficiencies and will offer a baseline to track progress during your training with us.  

Step 1.

we analyze 

Complete medical and health history. We then do a comprehensive fitness assessment "Functional Movement Screen (FMS)" to find your current state of your medical condition. we review any injuries and discuss any restrictions you may have.

Step 2.

give action plan

We assess where you are now. We evaluate and recondition your body as a whole using corrective exercises, not just the area of pain which is the norm when your are in a physical therapist, doctor or clinic type atmosphere. 

Step 3.

you succeed

Accountability + Motivation =
Real Results.  Let our corrective exercise experts Remove the obstacles in your way so you can succeed with your fitness goals!

Make your life easier by not having to travel to and from a clinic/gym by having Type A Training Post Rehab Experts come directly to you home. 

- Nathaniel Oliver, Owner

We Have The Best Trainers In NYC

“We've been serving Manhattan For Over 20 Years. We have over 25 certified and insured personal trainers, that have all been personally vetted and interviewed by me. When a trainer goes to your home or private gym be confident that you're getting the best”

Prehab Training Manhattan

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.

Corrective Exercise Training Rates

4 - Sessions Promo

*new clients only

  • 60 minute training sessions
  • 100% No-Risk-Guarantee

$600/ $125 per

10 - Sessions

  • 60 Minute Training Sessions
  • 2x weekly, last average of 5 weeks
  • One Time Payment

$1750/ $175 per

10 -Sessions


  • 60 Minute Training Sessions
  • 2x weekly, last average of 5 weeks
  • Convenient Auto-Pay
  • No Long term Contracts
  • Cancel at anytime

$1600/ $160 per


Let One Of Our Highly Qualified And Fully Insured Corrective Exercise Trainers Design A Customized Training Program To Help you.


What is Medical Exercise?

Who can participate in Medical Exercise?

Will a Medical Exercise program get rid of my pain and allow me full mobility?

Do I need a physician referral for a medical exercise specialist?

Are the trainers certified and insured?

Personal Training vs Medical Exercise Training

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