The truth is that most of us need a little help in our workouts. Whether it’s figuring out what we should actually do when we walk in the gym or being motivated to push ourselves once we’re there , it’s helpful to have someone along for the ride. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in an unproductive rut, you should try this program.


We work with high end clients that are CEO’s, Vice Presidents, Managers with schedules that call for extreme focus and attention. That taking a gym break for 90 minutes will never happen. Yet, it’s the one thing in their lives that keeps them going!  This program is for those people who understand the importance that you just have to make the time to be a success in life and business.  Whether it’s at their office, home or private gym we ensure that they will get the undivided attention needed to make their fitness and health goals a reality. Are you up for the challenge?



Workout in the privacy of your own home, private gym or office. We will set you up with a customize workout plan according to what your goals and needs are.

Here’s a typical  schedule for the week:

  • M – Strength + Cardio
  • T – Pilates
  • W – Strength = Cardio
  • TH – Yoga
  • F – Strength Cardio or Mix
  • Sat or Sun Massage


NYC’s top personal chefs come straight to your home to cook delicious, nutritious, personalized meals for you and your family. Try our weekly chef service.


We all need to hear we’re doing a good job sometimes, even VIP’S. There are other times, we need to be told to push harder and work through the discomfort of a workout.  Our trainers will know just the right amount to push and make you succeed!



  • You’ll be matched with the perfect trainer, and together you will set your program goals for your wedding day.

  • We eliminate any need for travel, we offer exclusive private sessions with highly qualified and fully insured personal trainers right in the privacy of your home, private gym or hotel.

  • We will get you results. Whether it’s transforming your body, working on your confidence level, boosting your energy, or all of the above.

  • Three package options to pick from (1, 3, and 6 months packages).



  • Three private training sessions weekly.
  • Exclusively done in the privacy of your home, private gym or office.
  • 45 minute training sessions.
  • 20% off Massages Services
  • 20% Off Chef Services


The ultimate package which includes 5 weekly workouts for one year plus weekly in-home massages!

  • Five private training sessions weekly.
  • Based on needs you will have a private trainer, and a yoga/ pilates instructor.
  • Weekly Massages (regular or our exclusive Type A Sleep Massages)
  • 20% off our in-home chef services
  • Exclusively done in the privacy of your home, private gym or office.
  • 45 minute workouts