Pre and Post Natal Fitness

We have trainers who are certified in prenatal and postnatal exercise. If your pregnant it’s important to maintaining your fitness level during your pregnancy.  By doing so you are less likely to gain excess weight and will find it easier to get back into shape after your baby is born. 

Exercising during your pregnancy can help you...

  • Prepare for labor and delivery
  • Reduce back pain and swelling
  • Prevent gestational diabetes
  • Increase your energy, mood and posture
  • Improve circulation, preventing varicose veins & leg cramps
  • Sleep better

Did You Know...

Poor posture during pregnancy can weaken the muscles of the back and torso, causing back pain and discomfort during pregnancy. In addition to providing cardiovascular benefits, prenatal exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, which are needed to support the torso and maintain digestion.

Prenatal fitness is an important component of a healthy pregnancy. Most doctors. obstetricians, gynecologists who follow the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy from acog (american college of obstetricians and gynecologists) recognize that staying physically active during pregnancy allows women to remain low-risk patients, thereby allowing them a wide array of options for labor and delivery.

Exercise has been shown to influence a woman’s emotional state during pregnancy, as well. A 2003 study revealed that mothers who exercised during pregnancy reported lower incidences of anxiety, depression, and pregnancy-specific stress while in their first and second trimesters.

Pre and Post-Natal workouts by Type A Training

As pregnancy progresses, the body begins to undergo a host of physical changes as a way to accommodate the growing baby. More specifically, as the uterus grows, a woman’s center of gravity begins to shift. Further, the pelvic floor takes on additional stress as the baby’s weight increases, and joints begin to loosen in response to hormones. All of these physiological changes make good posture, cardiovascular health, and strength crucial to a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.


All our trainers are nationally certified in pre and post natal fitness, are all fully insured and CPR certified to be rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.  In additional all our trainers have additional specializations (strength training, TRX, yoga and pilates) as well as nutrition/health coaching, which can all be incorporated into your training program.


At Type A Training our trainers offer many different types of workouts and programs to help you reach your goals, including reduced body fat, improved strength, increased lean muscle mass, improved strength, and much more. All One on One Training is customized for your specific needs. Discover your full potential and eliminate the guesswork. Whether you are looking for encouragement and guidance with every workout or just a change in your routine, Type A Training will help ensure that you will get the most out of what you put in.


30 Minute Training Sessions

The Starter Pack (Four Sessions)
$200 | $50 per Save $140
Four 30 Min Sessions
$340 | $85per
Eight 30 Min Sessions
$656 | $82 per
Twelve 30 Min. Sessions
$960 | $80per
Twenty Four 30 Min. Sessions
$1848 | $77per

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45 Minute Training Sessions

The Starter Pack (Four Sessions)
$300 | $75 per Save $200
Four 45 Min Sessions
$500 |$125 per
Eight 45 Min Sessions
$960 | $120 per
Twelve 45 Min. Sessions
$1380 | $115 per
Twenty Four 45 Min. Sessions
$2640 | $110 per

*Save 5% off entire package when you use Auto-Renew