Nathaniel, owner and founder of Type A Training, has developed a similar workout method that made him one of the most sought after trainers in NYC with write ups in New York Magazine, Timeout NY and Allure magazine.

Benefits To Couples Training

Save Money

By training together you will be saving upwards of $50 per session. By training together there is no need to buy two separate training sessions at full price. Although it is about a 25% increase to train together you will be paying far less than you would for a regular training session.


Many couples already spend considerable time apart because of career demands and other responsibilities. Having a scheduled workout appointment with a trainer is a way to guarantee that you will have at least a bit of bonding time each week away from work, home, and kids.


Sticking with an exercise program is easier, if you have a partner to workout with. This is probably the most important part of couples training. Knowing you have a standing appointment can be extremely motivating for you not to miss a workout.

Need More Proof:

The Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University found that couples who worked out separately had a 43% dropout rate, while those who went to the gym together had only a 6.3% dropout rate.


Now you can train with your spouse, friend or a co-worker! Type A Training still consists of all the core fundamentals that made Type A Training what it is today. You will still get the personal attention with the added accountability, encouragement, and motivation from your family and friends.



There is a little competition and a lot of camaraderie. Working out with your significant other is an amazing way to spend quality time together which is way better than watching TV together! Also, if couples commit to their health together, they have a better chance of making lasting changes that can stay with them for the rest of their lives!


Working out with a co-worker is a great way to stay accountable to your exercise program. This can be a way to make sure you get out of the office at lunch for a workout or get out at a decent time in the evening to make your training session.

Friends and Family

Working out with a good friend makes it feel like you’re not even working out. This is way more productive than just walking together in Central Park not really knowing what to do except well, walk! I can show you things that will help your walk be a little more exciting.



4 30 Min Sessions
$380 |$95 per
8 30 Min Sessions
$720 | $90 per
12 30Min Sessions
$1020 | $85 per


4 45 Min Sessions
$580 |$145 per
8 45 Min Sessions
$1120 | $140 per
12 45Min Sessions
$1620 | $135 per

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*Save 5% on training when you buy an auto-renew package. Auto-Renew members will enjoy a 10% discount on our Nutrition and Massages services. Still not sure? Try us out with our 45 Min Promo For $99!