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Many Of Those Who Suffer From Head, Neck, And Back Pain, Poor Digestion, Low Moods, And More Are Doing So Because Of The Effects Of Poor Posture. A Bad Posture When You Are Sitting, Standing, Walking, Or Sleeping Can Lead To Weak Muscles, Additional Stress On Your Body, And On Joints And Ligaments. This Problem Can Be Fixed By Posture Correction Treatment With One Of Our Medical Exercise Training Experts In NYC.

posture correction specialist

Many of those who suffer from head, neck, and back pain, poor digestion, low moods, and more are doing so because of the effects of poor posture. A bad posture when you are sitting, standing, walking, or sleeping can lead to weak muscles, additional stress on your body, and on joints and ligaments. This problem can be fixed by posture correction treatment with one of Our Medical Exercise Training experts in NYC.

We Bring the Posture Correction Specialist Right To Your Home

The goal of our In-Home Medical Exercise Training Services is to help you maximize your overall independence and wellness in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home. So no more commuting to and waiting for your appointment at the clinic or gym.

Our Pre & Post Rehab Trainers can also help with getting you into great shape in a safe and efficient way, where a physical therapist would only be able to treat your injury.

posture correction specialist Manhattan

Why Posture Correction Specialist Works

Don't You Want To: Move Better. Feel Better. Play Better. Live Better.

The primary benefit of using a Type A Training Posture Correction Specialist is that we come right to your home or apartment/building gym (your office if applicable). Our Pre & Post Rehab Experts will customize workout program by working with your physical therapist/ doctor to give the best training program possible to get you back to your normal lifestyle.

Good movement is not possible without good posture. Move better and more effiecently with prober alignment.

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Poor Posture makes Breathing more difficult

Postural Correction and Breathing Improvement in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" - This study found that correcting poor posture can improve breathing function in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Poor Posture and Depression in Young Adults

The Association Between Poor Posture and Depression in Young Adults" - This study found a correlation between poor posture and symptoms of depression in young adults.


What is Prober posture?

Prober Posture is an ability to maintain upright symmetrical position of the spine (head, neck, pelvis and limbs) during static positions such as sitting and standing.  The goal of posture correction Training is to restore your muscle groups to optimal Performance.  Our Posture Experts will create a Specific training program that will help you to strengthen any weak muscles or stretch any tight muscles that are causing you to adopt a poor and maybe painful posture.

Effective Posture Correction Training

Improve Your Life

With proper posture, the spine is lengthened, the unused muscles are strengthened, and the stress on the joints and ligaments is reduced, leading to less pain, better digestion, improved range of motion, and a better sense of overall well-being throughout your body.

Reset Your Bad Ways

While there are many benefits of posture correction, you need to pick the right exercises that are ideal for you.

Increase Your Quality of Life

With regular exercise, the posture correction will result in an improved range of motion and you'll also notice that your movement will be more efficient with less effort. 

What does a posture specialist do?

Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum balance in your body.  The keys to a successful postural correction program is:

  • Determining muscle dominance and overuse in your body. This establishes which muscles need to be inhibited or turned off. This releases tension for better movement.
  • Finding out the best ways to activate, facilitate and promote movement in underused muscles. It's about reeducating your body.
  • Doing exercises that are proven and specific to addressing all aspects of postural restoration, from body alignment to breathing. These exercises can aid in repositioning parts of your body, such as your rib cage or pelvis.

Corrective Exercise Training Rates

4 - Sessions Promo

*new clients only

  • 60 minute training sessions
  • 100% No-Risk-Guarantee

$600/ $125 per

10 - Sessions

  • 60 Minute Training Sessions
  • 2x weekly, last average of 5 weeks
  • One Time Payment

$1750/ $175 per

10 -Sessions


  • 60 Minute Training Sessions
  • 2x weekly, last average of 5 weeks
  • Convenient Auto-Pay
  • No Long term Contracts
  • Cancel at anytime

$1600/ $160 per

Make your life easier by not having to travel to and from a clinic/gym by having Type A Training Post Rehab Experts come directly to you home. 

- Nathaniel Oliver, Owner

We Have The Best Trainers In NYC

“We've been serving Manhattan For Over 20 Years. We have over 25 certified and insured personal trainers, that have all been personally vetted and interviewed by me. When a trainer goes to your home or private gym be confident that you're getting the best”

Posture Correction Specialist

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.


Let One Of Our Highly Qualified And Fully Insured Corrective Exercise Trainers Design A Customized Training Program To Help you.


What is Medical Exercise?

Who can participate in Medical Exercise?

Will a Medical Exercise program get rid of my pain and allow me full mobility?

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