With Our 45 Minute In-Home Personal Training Workouts You Will Receive An Efficient Workout Saving You Time And Keeping Your Busy New York City Day On Track!  We Work With High End Clients That Are CEO’s, Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs And Moms With Schedules That Call For Extreme Focus And Attention.  The Best Part Of Type A Training Is We Come right to your home or private gym.

So what do all busy New Yorkers have in common when it deals with exercising… time of course! With that said, the second most important factor is the effectiveness of your workouts. Therefore, our full body workouts always include Strength, Endurance, Agility and Flexibility. With our 30 and 45 minute workout programs you will receive an efficient and effect workout saving you time and keeping your busy New York City day on track!

45 minute workouts

What's It About?

For Over 25 Years Type A Training Still Consists Of All The Core Fundamentals That Made Type A Training What It Is Today. You Will Still Get The Personal Attention With The Added AccountabilityEncouragement, And Motivation At Every Workout!

Why In-Home Training Will Work For You

In Your Home or Private Gym in Your building.

No more crowded and often intimidating health clubs! All Type A Training is exclusively done in the privacy of your own home, private gym, or outside in a local park.

Saves Times

For anyone living here in Manhattan you know how time is priceless! It’s probably the number one excuse people use to either avoid or it’s filed in the “I will do ” pile.

More Focused

Working out with a friend makes it feel like you’re not even working out. This is way more productive than just walking together in Central Park not really knowing what to do except well, walk!

What Really Makes Type A Training Different!

At Type A Training our trainers offer many different types of workouts and programs to help you reach your goals, including reduced body fat, improved strength, increased lean muscle mass, improved strength, and much more.

About The 15 Extra Minutes

So with the added time for the 45 minute workouts many clients like to focus on additional fitness goals that can’t be completed in the 30 minute workouts. Many clients request extra cardio by way of boxing or more interval training (jumping rope, running, agility drills), while others may need additional work on Core Work and lastly some clients request extra time for flexibility work which the trainer will give you a full body stretch to help you recuperate from the workout. If you’re interested in ONLY Core and Flexibility work then click here.

We Offer 60 Minute Sessions Too!

It's Not Advertised, However We Do Offer Hour Long Sessions As Well.


At Type A Training we offer many different types of workouts and programs including our 45 minute workouts to help you reach your goals. We have experts in Personal Training, Couples/Small Group Training, Sports Conditioning, Stretch Specialists, Core and Flexibility Experts, Yoga, Pilates, Pre-Post Natal, Kids Fitness. We also have our special workout programs. The 21 Day Fitness Makeover, Off-Peak Workouts, Bridal Workout Programs, VIP Servicesand lastly you can train one on one with Nathaniel.

All training is customized for your specific needs. Discover your full potential and eliminate the guesswork. Whether you are looking for encouragement and guidance with every workout or just a change in your routine, Type A Training will help ensure that you will get the most out of what you put in.

We Train In The Best Residential & Condo Buildings In Manhattan!

We Have Some Of The Best Trainers In NYC

“We've been serving Manhattan For Over 20 Years. We have over 30 certified and insured personal trainers, that have all been personally vetted and interviewed by me. When a trainer goes to your home or private gym you can be confident that You're getting the best”

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.


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The 45 Minute Workouts Are Our Most Popular Sessions. It's Longer Then 30min But Still Short Enough To Find Time In Your Schedule To Workout.



One Time
$500 / $125

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$960 / $120

$912 / $114



One Time
$2640 / $110

One Time
$2508 / $104

*save 5% off your training package when you buy an Auto-Pay. You can cancel or change your Auto-Pay package at any time.

Ready To Start, But Want More Info?

Let One Of Our Highly Qualified And Fully Insured Personal Trainers Design A Customized Training Program For You. Start Training In Less Then 24 Hours!

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