Friday’s Topics for a Longer Life

Written by Type A Training
June 23, 2023
Friday’s Topics for a Longer Life

Happy Friday! Today we’re exploring: 

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goodto.com – SLEEP: Not being able to sleep at night is not only frustrating but usually makes you grumpy and bad-tempered the next morning too. These foods for sleep could help.

INC.com – PRODUCTIVITY: Your favorite tunes just might be the perfect way to boost your productivity.

parade.com – WATER: This Is How Much Water People 50 and Older Should Drink Every Day, According to a Urologist

EatingWell.com –  FOOD: 5 Antioxidant Foods to Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage, According to a Dietitian

optimistdaily.com – RESTING: Mastering the art of taking breaks: Striving for a stress and anxiety-free workday

huffpost.com – TRAVELING: Forgetting To Hydrate While Traveling Can Make Your Flight Unbearable

eatingwell.com – FOOD: 7-Day No-Sugar High-Protein Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

T3.com – CORE: Forget crunches – try these five exercises for a seriously strong core instead

typeatraining.com – YOGA + BREATHING: Top 5 Science-Backed Benefits of Pranayama Breathing in Relation to Fitness



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