Friday’s Topics for a Longer Life

Written by Type A Training
June 9, 2023
Friday’s Topics for a Longer Life

Hi, today we’re exploring: 

TIME – At its peak on Wednesday afternoon, NYC recorded the worst air quality of any major city in the world.

NPRStaying safe in smoky air is particularly important for some people. Here’s how.

TIME – How to exercise when it’s really hot outside

BCC – Taurine may extend life and health, scientists find

Healthline –  Mini workouts are a great option when you’re crunched for time

New York Post – 75 Hard Challenge workout is going viral, but experts say it can be dangerous

Science Daily – Running throughout middle age keeps ‘old’ adult-born neurons ‘wired’.

US NewsWhen it comes to intermittent fasting, what you eat can be just as important as when you eat.

#FITTIP for the weekend: Rest days are just as important as your workout days. Taking a break lets your body recover and helps your muscles rebuild. It also helps decrease soreness so you feel stronger during your next workout. If you prefer active recovery, get in some light movement by taking a walk or going to a yoga class. It’s also perfectly okay to rest completely so your body and mind can feel fully recovered before your next workout.

Also, look out for the NEW The Sunday Recovery Class starting in July with our beloved yoga instructor Yessi. Click here for more info. I’m really excited about this one!



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