New To Stretching? No Problem?

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What to Expect at Your First Assisted Stretch Session

Be prepared to feel amazing after your first Assisted Stretch! Your stretch Trainer will first discuss with you your current flexibility goals and past injuries in order to customise a stretching treatment that is best for your body’s needs. They will explain how the session will run and instruct you on a simple breathing technique.

What to expect:

  • Our initial session will include a general questionnaire (please fill out and submit online prior to coming to save time under "Client Intake Form" to save time).
  • Upon arrival, your stretch Trainer will review your Intake Form with you and will talk to you about your mobility, if you have any injuries or if you are experiencing any pain and what you would like to focus on during your stretch.
  • This is a time for you to ask questions and for us to get familiar with each other. We will decide together based on findings for the best approach for regular follow up care if needed.

*Please complete the Client Intake Form prior to purchasing sessions. 

top questions people ask About their first assisted stretch session.

What Should I Wear?

Getting yourself ready for the best stretch of your life will require you to wear stretchy or loose-fitting clothing so that your mobility won’t be restricted. You can show up wearing your workout clothes, yoga pants, gym shorts, and shirts. Just make sure that you’re comfortable wearing them while the stretch Trainer is maneuvering your body. It’s best to avoid wearing types of clothing that restricts movement such as jeans and slacks.

What Happens Before the Stretch Session?

Your stretching session will be customized according to your body’s needs. To come up with a stretching treatment that best suits you, your stretch Trainer will ask you about past injuries, as well as your personal flexibility goals. Aside from explaining to your how your session will run, the stretch Trainer will also share with you some simple breathing techniques.

In-Home Full Body Assisted Stretching

Let Us Do The Hard Work, No Thinking And No Stress. Relax In The Comfort Of Your Home For A Customized One-On-One Stretching Session.

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