Top 5 benefits of training with multiple personal trainers

  • Increased motivation
  • learn new exercises and techniques
  • avoid getting bored with your routine
  • access to trainers with different specialties and areas of expertise.

Why train with different Personal Trainers?

It’s not uncommon for clients to form a strong bond with a trainer. Often this is the result of a combination of factors including personality, training style, and schedules. We do recognize that the bond formed between a client and their trainer is a special one; however, we also believe that training with more than one trainer can have substantial benefits.

You may be content with training with one trainer, but in the event that you want to try a new trainer please be assured that our trainers take the utmost care in preparing for new clients by reviewing your training history with me and speaking with your present trainer about your needs, limitations, goals, etc.

Don't get bored, try adding something new!

Are you getting bored? You could simply try adding a different type of training modality such as pilates, yoga, meditation, boxing, nutrition, and assisted stretching into your current routine. Many clients have found doing strength training with a combination of either yoga or pilates into their workout programs very productive and effective in reaching their health and fitness goals.

All our personal trainers are all nationally certified and insured. They're ready to create a new and refreshing program that will meet your specific needs and goals that perhaps the other trainer fell short on or you simply want to try something new. 

5 Benefits Of Training With Multiple Personal Trainers

something new

You could simply try adding a different type of training modality such as yoga, pilates, boxing, or assisted stretching into your current routine. We have many clients who do this and they find it very effective.

Diverse Training

Working out with multiple trainers keeps training fun, fresh, and interesting. While many trainers have similar credentials, most tend to differ in personality, training style, and often in specialty and focus. Changing things up now and then will allow for a more diverse training program.

Fresh Perspective

A new trainer can bring an objective eye. They might see areas of your program that could be adjusted to make your workout more effective, more challenging, or just more fun

Keep Motivated

Our certified and insured personal trainers will work with you, to motivate you and hold you accountable. We do regular reviews on your personal goals to help you achieve them and then set new goals.


It's easy to fall into a workout rut, doing the same workouts over and over. This isn't just boring; it can also lead to weight loss plateaus, overuse injuries, and burnout.

"Doing The Same Type Of Workout Over And Over..."

It's easy to fall into a workout rut, doing the same workouts over and over. This isn't just boring; it can also lead to training plateaus, overuse injuries, and burnout. 

Nathaniel Oliver founder of Type A Training

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.

Client Stories


-Training since 2019-

I can not recommend Type A Training enough. I thought it would be a nightmare trying to find a personal trainer on the UES until I found Nathaniel the owner of Type A Training.  He's is very professional and personally matched me up with the perfect trainer for my needs.  I have never felt more motivated thanks to the Type A Training staff and owner Nathaniel. Thank you! 


-Training since 2020-

The Type A training is great and highly customizable to your goals and I highly recommend them. I've been training with several trainers one for strength and another for Pilates and the mix is beyond perfect. I'm a new person physically and mentally!


-Training since 2021-

Very thoughtful on how to manage trainers and who trains with you. It is very much like a concierge. You let Nathaniel (the owner) know what you are looking for and he is able to match you up with the best trainer to meet your goals. It's nice having everything you need for your fitness and health goals in one place. Definitely recommend.

As Seen In

As Seen In

get started within 24 hours

Good news, you can test things out with a starter package again! Simply add a different type of training modality in addition to your normal training program such as yoga, pilates, boxing, or assisted stretching.

  • Test a new trainer out with a starter package
  • Start taking advantage of all we have to offer in training styles
  • I will contact you and we will figure out an action plan

Price: $149

Price: $249