Eat Well. Train Well. Live Well.


We know many of our clients are on the go from the minute they get up and nutrition is the last thing they think about. We wanted to create a service that caters to this client. We welcome Private Chef to go to client house cook great food and make one less thing for you to think about. After a quick and simple consultation which can be done online in less then 15 minutes. We can have the service up and running in less then 24 hours.


Take 15 minutes to fill out our personal consultation form so we get to know your exact dietary needs. We also set up a 30 minute face to face meeting with your chef and see if you guys are a match.


Choose how often you would like our service. We have three options to choose from. The chef will always make a custom menu with chooses for you to pick from based on your initial consultation and from the form you filled out.


Lastly we have some simple steps for you.
1. Set up you credit card at the local market for the chef
2. Additional storage containers amy need to be purchased which we will send you links to buy or we can purchase them for you.
3. Lastly we ask that you make a commitment for a minimum of 3 weeks.


Although fitness and diet go together we at Type A Training don’t use the word diet and we don’t like you to spend time counting calories every day. Life is to short and we feel that clients should be able to enjoy their food knowing that each meal is cooked and prepared with the best food by using our personal chef services. Which means only the freshest and all organic foods. We think of food as fuel for the body. Processed food would be considered a poor source of fuel. So that’s why our chefs only cook with all natural foods.

However, we can do specialty diets depending on your dietary needs such as gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, low-sugar, macrobiotic, diabetic, low fat and soy-free. All this can be reviewed by our nutritionist and passed on to your personal chef.



Chef come 1x weekly
4 Servings w/ 2 Snacks
(2 Lunches + 2 dinners + 2 snacks)

Price $299


Chef Come 1x Weekly
8 Servings w/ 4 Snacks
(4 Lunches + 4 dinners + 4 snacks)
Price $399


Chef Comes 2x Weekly
16 Servings w/ 8 Snacks
Each Week You Get:
Day One:

-2 Breakfast (2 portions)
-2 Lunch (2 portions)
-2 Dinner (2 portions)
-4 Snacks
Day Two (NEW recipes)
-2 Breakfast (2 portions)
-2 Lunch (2 portions)
-2 Dinner (2 portions)
-4 Snacks
Price $599


*We require at 3 week commitment to our chef services. We bill weekly and after your 3rd week you can cancel at anytime. Just like fitness you need to be consistent to see results. We feel that 21 days will be enough time to break any bad habit and replace them with healthier habits which will dramatically change the rest of your life.

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