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Next step is Purchasing Your Training sessions

Get started within 24 hours

45 Minute Starter Package

Your trainer will review your health/ fitness history, discuss your long and short term goals + perform if needed assessments and or movement tests on your first training session..

  • Try our service out with 3 discounted training sessions
  • Full body assessment + learn how to achieve your goals
  • A personalized workout plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Price: $249 ($300+ value)

Starter Package + 8-Pack Auto-Renew + Free Workout

Your trainer will establish your plan/goals. This service is 100% customized to your personal goals and needs.

  • 45 Minute Starter Package - $249 ($300+ value | 3 sessions)
  • 8-pack auto-renew - $912
  • One FREE Workout - ($125 value)

Price: $1161 ($1286 value)

or starter pack + 12-pack + free workout? Buy now $1593 ($1695 value)


Group Text With Your NEW Trainer

Once your training sessions are purchased, I start by sending a “Group Text” with all parties (you, me and your trainer). This is used for all scheduling changes, cancellations and simply for a record of what is going on. 

Are You Happy With Your Trainer or Just want to try something new?

Did You Know That You Can Switch Trainers At Anytime And For What Every Reason? If You Aren't Happy Or Just Want To Try Something New Let Me Know. We Routinely Get Requests From Clients Wanting To Use Two Trainers At Once. For Example Some Clients Will Use A Trainer Only For Strength Training And Another Trainer Exclusively For Yoga Or Pilates. Does This Interest You?

Cancellation Policy

As with any professional service we also have a cancellation policy. But it’s simple. We request that if you need to cancel that you notify us via “Group Text” by 6pm prior to the day of your training session or you will get charged the full amount of the training session.