corporate mediation, yoga and strength  Programs

We reduce stress and boost employee engagement through virtual meditation, yoga and strength training classes designed for office workers.  In person, outdoors and virtual Available.

Corporate Yoga/ Meditation Wellness Programs

We Reduce Stress And Boost Employee Engagement Through Virtual Yoga And Meditation Classes Designed For Office Workers.
Now ONLINE Via Zoom

Sitting in chairs all day can cause a myriad of issues with not only your physical health but also your mental health. In combination, if you are sitting with poor posture and bent over to write, read, type, and text all day, you may find yourself eventually dealing with a repetitive stress injury.

Corporate wellness programs have come a long way in the recent years. with growing popularity, It’s safe to say that corporate wellness programs are no longer just a “fad,” and they are here to stay.

Wellness Programs Are Cost Effective

Benefits for Companies:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased stress
  • Higher morale
  • Fewer insurance claims for common illnesses

Benefits for Employees:

  • Improved concentration
  • Increased motivation and creativity
  • Fewer aches and pains at their desks
  • An overall sense of well-being about their lives, work, and companies
  • Family discount available for employees who participate in corporate fitness.


No time or space in your office? Is your team working remotely? Provide your employees with an Integral meditation. yoga or strength training class LIVE online!  Or go outdoors, we can schedule private group sessions tailored to your team/employees. Group runs, and bootcamps are great outdoor activities for the spring and summer!

The most important asset of any company is their employees. today, companies are implementing wellness programs to improve employee health, increase productivity reduce health care costs and increase morale. Happy workers = loyal and productive workers. We make it very easy for companies to work with us. We will handle all scheduling, payments, and providing all the needed marketing materials.

Our streaming virtual classes will bring mindfulness + stress relief right to your team's home or remote work site. Book online guided meditation, desk stretch, assisted stretching, bootcamp, or mat yoga sessions with our expert INSTRUCTORS. we also do in person training as well and can offer these programs before, during, or after the workday.

Signature Fitness Classes by Type A Training

Meditation, Mindfulness And Breath Work

A powerful complement to yoga, our mindfulness classes use guided centering techniques to create deep mental stillness. our certified mindfulness instructors help even the busy bees slow down to achieve deep relaxation and tranquility while tapping hidden reserves of creativity and concentration.

Assisted Stretching/ Yoga classes

reduce employee stress by introducing office yoga and assisted stretching sessions arranged by type a training. we have some of the best nyc instructors who can lead  30, 45 and 60-minute classes. 

Traditional Yoga Classes

Reduce Employee Stress By Introducing Office Yoga And Meditation Sessions Arranged By Type A Training. We Have Some Of The Best NYC Instructors Who Lead Our 30 And 60-Minute Sessions. Total Newbies And Seasoned Yogis Alike Enjoy Our All-Levels Classes. We’ll Cover Neck And Shoulders, Hip Openers, Legs, Core And Balance—A Little Bit Of Everything For Everyone. There’s Nothing We Love More Than Converting A Yoga Skeptic Or A Shy Newcomer Who’s Worried About Looking Weird In Downward Dog. We Believe Everyone Looks Perfect Doing Yoga.

Desk Stretch And Chair Yoga

It’s true. You can do some powerful and transformative yoga right at your desk or table. We lead groups of all sizes and work with the space and props available right where you sit or in a nearby conference room. No clothing change required. 

Personal Training/group training

too busy to leave the office for a quality workout? we’ll come to your offices. we can supply trainers for 1 to 1 private training as well as group classes such as conducting a group run for employees or a fitness class in the mornings for a productive day.

meditation, mindfulness and breath work

A Powerful Complement To Yoga, Our Mindfulness Classes Use Guided Centering Techniques To Create Deep Mental Stillness. Our Certified Mindfulness Instructors Help Even The Busy Bees Slow Down To Achieve Deep Relaxation And Tranquility While Tapping Hidden Reserves Of Creativity, Concentration And Emotional Freedom.

86% of executives say:

"According to a new study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 86% of executives say improving employee health is their top reason for implementing workplace wellness programs. “Because beyond health care costs, employee health has profound impacts on productivity, retention, workplace engagement and morale.”  - businesswire.com link

Corporate Rates For Classes

Single Session: Try it out

$175 (min. charge) covers up to 15 people



/Flat fee

  • add $9 per person over 15
  • No long term contract

Corporate Rates For Personal Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs work best when companies:

Subsidize the full cost of the program. We find these companies view yoga and meditation classes as an employee benefit, and as the classes are free to employees, participation is greatly increased.

How are you different?

In quite a few ways! To start we have a large verity of fitness and health professionals. I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have built a network of experts in strength training, HIIT, yoga, pilates, and boxing geared towards all ages and fitness levels including kids. I'm 100% confident that I will be able to match you with the perfect trainer. - Nathaniel W. Oliver

Why would I hire an Type A Training coach?

Coaching is all about results: the results YOU want! Type A Training coaches are focused on results-based training that challenges you to achieve massive results. We have created programs with proven strategies that work and back with science.. 

Are Trainers Certified And Insured?

Yes, they are all certified and insured. They are also personally hand-picked by Nathaniel and vetted to insure you're getting the best trainers in Manhattan.

The Investment

Some employers choose to offer corporate yoga as a fully paid benefit, while others have elected to pay a portion and share the remaining cost with employees. Prices vary depending on the frequency, location, and size of classes. We will work with you to create the perfect, customized plan for your company.

Can I change Trainers?

While Our Process Is Designed To Create An Optimal Match, If You Wish To Change trainers, Please Reach Out To Discuss Options.

Cancellation Policy

Enter your Cancel Up to 10 Minutes Prior to Class!: Cancel up to 15 minutes before a class! No refunds are given after the 15 minute window prior to class closes. Thank you and enjoy! here...

How customized is my training program?

Can I do online personal training from anywhere?

Can I Switch Trainers?

Can I cancel anytime?