Aging Well: Mind-Body-Balance Virtual Program Starts on Jan. 4th $99. 

Early Bird Special Is $79 Till Dec. 31st!

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3 Weeks Of Aging Well: Mind-Body-Balance

This 3-week program, We've Created The Perfect Program For Seniors With A Mix Of Strength, Yoga And Pilates At Each Workout.

Program details

Week #1 | Strength Training - Even for seniors with limitations, building strength is important and can improve quality of life. Work with your older clients to slowly add in and build up strength training. Focus on warming up, education, good form, breathing, and progressing safely.

Week #2 | Yoga - Research shows a regular practice not only improves balance and mobility in older adults, but it may also help ease back pain, relieve depression, and even reduce blood pressure for people with hypertension.

Week #3 | Pilates is one of the best ways to build functional core strength. So if it’s not already part of your routine, you’re missing out.  It's efficient, gentle and involves a series of exercises that teach you how to activate and coordinate several muscle groups at once. While some sessions incorporate equipment, like a reformer machine, many of the movements can be done on a mat. During our session no equipment will be needed. It will be all mat exercises for the program.

3 Weeks Of Aging Well: Mind-Body-Balance Starts on January 4th $99. Early Bird Special Is $79 Till Dec 31st!

Classes Taught By One Of Our Specialists (TBD)

This Three Week Program Provides Professional Guidance From a Certified And Insured Expert

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.