21 Day Fitness Makeover is now Virtual. Starts June 1st.

3-week in-home based fat-burning workouts (LIVE). Normal Price: $169 Save $70 $4.71/Class Your Price: $99

Sick of crowded gyms and bored of videos that aren't even live!  Join the club – In fact, join the 21 day virtual fitness makeover club, because Type A Training of NYC has launched a new LIVE-Streamed and interactive workout that’s kicking off on May 1st.  

The 21 Day Fitness Makeover

This workout program, designed by new york city fitness guru nathaniel oliver, the founder of type a training is a unique 3-week program incorporating strength, cardio, flexibility, and nutrition all to help you reach your fitness and health goals. The best part is it's virtual. no gym or heavy equipment is necessary!

Private Fitness Classes Training NYC


Schedule time on your calendar (and stick to it- think of it as a meeting with yourself).

I'm strategically making the workouts at a time where I know 90% of you will have no excuses not making. These classes will be Monday thru Friday at 6am and weekends at 8am.


Consistency is arguably the most important component when working to accomplish goals, in or out of the gym.

Without consistency, fitness programs will be unorganized, the body has a harder time adapting, and forming good habits. With this program it is super consistent and structured. You just need to show up in front of your computer.

Private Fitness Classes Training NYC


We have expert advice on fitness, health and, nutrition, injury prevention. These are your coaches and they are here to help and answer any question you may have.

Our trainers are personally vetted by Nathaniel, owner of type a training in Manhattan. Be confident you will be working with the best fitness coaches in nyc.


We'll share what to eat to get the most out of your workouts and to help keep you energized throughout the 21 day makeover.  
Pre- and post-workout diet suggestions, lunch tips, get dinner options what work for your nutrition needs and more.

For additional support, we also have Nutrition Consultation that can help guide you during your 21 Day Makeover also. Learn more

21 Days of Daily Training Sessions

During your 3 week challenge, you will have 7 weekly intensive virtual 30 minute workouts that you can do at home – with zero equipment needed, just a mat and a towel!

  • 30 minute LIVE workouts. You'll never say “I have no time!” again
  • 7 times per week for a 30-minute workout for 21 days
  • Access to our supportive, private Facebook community for paying members only. 
  • Complete easy to follow nutrition guide to follow for 21 days

The Workout 

M/W/F | Strength Training/HIIT

Full body workout personally developed by Nathaniel. Each workout includes a full body strength training routine, and a cooldown movement.

Tu & Th | Recovery/ (yoga, pilates or stretching)

Cardio drills to get the heart rate up. Intense HIIT routines to get that body to burn fat and keep your metabolism burning calories up for the entire day!

Sat & Sun | HIIT + Mix or Recovery 

Through my more than 20 years plus in the fitness industry these types of workouts should be focused on much more. Your body can only take so many intense workouts. Once you start to overtrain you either burn out or increase your risk of injury.  Each class will be a mix of stretching, pilates and yoga movements.

Q & A's After Each Class

The coach will be there to answer some quick questions. If it is more of a long/detailed answer one that will take the instructor to explain I will personally follow up with whoever asked it and answer it for them in the facebook group or by email.

Female personal training nyc

Meet Our 21 Day Makeover Team 

Our staff is composed of highly skilled and educated personal trainers whose mission is to provide exceptional service and results.

Our instructors’ diverse backgrounds in fitness and health will help get you moving into a lifetime of healthy habits.

What You Get With Our Program

  • Private Facebook Group for support, accountability, and education
  • 10% Off one on one personal training services
  • 20% Off all our class packages (we have outdoor classes in NYC)
  • Unlimited access to our trainers throughout the 21 day makeover

Are You Ready to start?

Starts Sunday, June. 1st  | Normal Price: $169 

Save $70 $4.71/Class Your Price: $99

Meet Our 21 Day Makeover Team 

Tara Lynn

HIIT + Recovery Expert

about your coach

Tara’s approach to life is curious & collaborative. Already an accomplished dancer, choreographer & aerialist, curiosity led her to examine the ways in which our bodies can become inefficient and immobile. Armed with degrees in Theatre & Dance from The University of Alabama, & professional certifications in Functional Range Mobility & Yoga Trapeze, she set out to train and guide others toward harmony in their human hardware through movement for everyday life.


HIIT + Recovery Expert

About Your Coach

I am a certified and insured personal trainer with 4 & 1/2 years of experience, certifications in Kettlebell level 1, Bodyweight training, Pre/post natal training, ViPR, and CPR/AED. Whether you want to do your first pull up, recover from an injury, build muscle or lose weight, I can help! I will listen to you and use your input to design a program tailored to make you feel great and meet your fitness goals!

From Our Members

John - Client

I had such a great workout with TL—I was challenged at the end I was feeling muscles I never even knew I had!” 

Charles Client

I have been working out at with Type A Training for close to 5 years now. Nathaniel (the owner) and his team have will work closely with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. The best part that during the COVID close down I was still able to get my training completed by training with different Type A Training staff. They all kept me motivated and focused on my goals! I highly recommend contacting Nathaniel to start reaching your goals!

LUCIANO - Client

I highly recommend Type A Training. The personal trainer that was assigned to me is the best I have ever had and that is from someone who has had multiple trainers in the last 15 years. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable about exercises that address target areas that I wanted to focus on. Overall great experience and would recommend this company to anyone serious about their health and fitness.

This 21 day fitness makeover program provides professional guidance from a certified and insured expert

“the most customized and personalized fitness makeover, after 3-weeks you'll be a whole new person in 21 days.”

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.