21 Day Fitness Makeover is Going Virtual. Starts January 4th For $150

Early Bird Special Is $125 Till Dec 31st!

Days and Times (two options):

M thru F at 8am | Train 5x Wkly

M thru F at 6pm | Train 5x Wkly

21 Day Fitness Makeover is Going Virtual. Starts January 4th For $150

Days and Times:

M thru F at 8am | 5x Wkly
M thru F at 6pm | 5x Wkly

Early Bird Special Is $125 Till Dec 31st!

Staying at home and looking to keep fit? Join the club – in fact, join the 21 Day Fitness Makeover club, because Type A Training of NYC has launched a new live and interactive  workout that’s kicking off on monday, January 4th.

The 21 Day Fitness Makeover

This Workout Plan, Designed By New York City Fitness Guru Nathaniel Oliver, The Founder Of Type A Training Is A Unique 3-Week Program Incorporating Strength, Cardio, Flexibility, And Nutrition All To Help You Reach Your Goals. Best Part We Know Have It Virtual. No Gym Or Heavy Equipment Necessary!

Private Fitness Classes Training NYC


Schedule time on your calendar (and stick to it- think of it as a meeting with yourself).

Once you and your trainer figure out your schedule, you will have a trainer come to your door... on time, every time! No more excuses.


Consistency is arguably the most important component when working to accomplish goals, in or out of the gym

Without consistency, programs are unorganized, the body has a harder time adapting, and forming good habits.

Private Fitness Classes Training NYC


Expert Advice on Fitness, health and nutrition. Reduce injury by getting help from our experts

Our trainers are personally vetted by Nathaniel, owner of Type A Training in NYC. Be confident you will be working with the best trainers in NYC.


We'll share what to eat to get the most out of them. Pre-exercise nutrition needs and more.

For additional support we also have a Nutrition Consultation that will help guide you during your 21 Day Makeover. *save 20% off

Are You Ready For The 21 Day Fitness Makeover?

This is one of our most popular training programs. I put together the 21-Day Fitness Makeover for clients who are serious about getting fit. This 3-Week program mixes the most effective routines that include strength, cardio, flexibility and nutrition. We guarantee fast and amazing results whether you’re at your gym or in the privacy of your home.

Daily Intensive Training Sessions

During the 3 week challenge, we’ll have 5 x per week intensive virtual training sessions that you can do at home – with zero equipment needed, just a mat! You can always scale and use equipment if you have some!

Days and Times (two options):

M thru F at 8am | 5x Wkly

M thru F at 6pm | 5x Wkly

M/W/F  | Strength/ Cardio: Full body workout personally developed from Nathaniel. Each workout includes strength training, cardio and a cool down movement.

Tu & Th | Recovery Days. Through my more 20 years plus in the fitness industry these type of workout should be focused on much more. Your body can only take so many intense workouts. Once you start to overtrain you either burn out or you increase your risk of injury.  Each classes will be a mix of stretching, pilates and yoga movement.

Q & A's After Each Class| The instructor will be there to answer some quick questions. If it is more of a long answered one or one the instructor might not know I will personally follow up with who ever asked it and answer it for them in our  facebook group or by email.

What You Get With Our Program

  • Private Facebook Group for support, accountability, and education
  • 10% Off one on one personal training services
  • 20% Off all our classes
  • Challenge Starts with First Weigh-in and Ends With a  Final Weigh-in (it's optional), some like holding them selves more accountable.

Community Support

A private community for members only for maximum accountability. The best way for you to stay committed and on track with your goals is to surround yourself with a team of people that want to achieve similar health and fitness goals to you! This is our #fitfam and you’ll have access to a great network of like-minded people who will help raise you up!

Unlimited Access To Our Trainers

You’ll get total unlimited access via Facebook to our trainers for any questions you might have about training or nutrition; OR if you just need some emotional support and accountability from others in your program!

Are You Ready?

Starts Monday January 4th For $150.

Early Bird Special Is $125 Till Dec 31st!


You missed out!

Spots are Limited. Don't wait!

This 21 Day Fitness Makeover Program Provides Professional Guidance From a Certified And Insured Expert

“The most customized and personalized fitness makeover, after 3-weeks you'll be a whole new person.”

Nathaniel W. Oliver
Owner of Type A Training of NYC.