Whether your looking for a better way to recover from your weekly workouts, trying to release some nagging aches and pain in your body, or perhaps looking for a better way to relax your mind for a more restful sleep, our massage specialists will know your needs based off of our unique questioner form we give each new client.  With this unique questionnaire we give we’ll create a personalized massage experience right in the comfort of your home.

Our massage therapists are vetted, certified, and personally pre-screened to ensure the quality, standards & safety of each massage. Further more our therapists have worked in many of the top luxury spas, hotels, and gyms in Manhattan. You’ll love the massage and love the fact of not worrying about tipping at the end of each massage.  All the tipping is included in the price that you will pay. We want your experience as stress free as possible. Read about our services and enjoy! 


No Cabs or Walking

When you receive an in home massage, you don’t have to worry about how you will get home or getting stressed out in traffic sitting a cab.  Stay relaxed and enjoy the benefits of your massage, stress free.

Pro-long Relaxation

An in home massage enables you to really prolong your relaxation. You can schedule the appointment right before retiring for the evening. Or you can plan a warm bath or other relaxation ritual before and after your massage.

Deeper Relaxation

Relaxation requires focusing your attention within and withdrawing it from your five senses and the external world. When your traveling to another location to receive massage, your senses are usually on high alert because of the sensory input of the new space. When you’re at home, this doesn’t happen and you’re better able to relax much quicker.



Stress has a lot to do with the tension you feel in your shoulders; it can also affect your heart and your blood pressure. Working out muscle tension during a massage makes chronic pain, as well as acute or short-term stress, much easier to overcome.


For the same reasons that a massage is relaxing, it can also soothe anxiety and depression. Massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, resulting in lifted spirits and often lower blood pressure. It can also boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in depression.


Eight out of 10 Americans will experience debilitating back pain, according to, but a massage can help. According to a 2011 study, massage helped people in pain feel and function better compared to people who didn’t receive any massage treatment.


If you’ve ever dozed off on a massage table, you don’t need to be convinced that a massage can promote healthy sleep. A number of studies have examined this link to the release of your delta waves, the kind of brain waves connected to deep sleep.

More about our Type A Sleep Massage


Multiple studies, although often small, have linked massage to better functioning of the immune system. In one 2010 study, researchers found massage increased a person’s disease-fighting white blood cells. The stress-reducing powers of massage can also help keep you healthy.


Want to boost your brainpower? Adults who were given a 15-minute chair massage in a small 1996 Touch Research Institute (TRI) studywere more alert and completed a series of math questions faster and more accurately.


We offer Swedish (A gentle technique, with long strokes, kneading, and circular movements), Deep Tissue (slow, more forceful strokes to target deep muscle layers and connective tissue, and  Sports Massage (Targets muscle-tendon to boost flexibility and endurance.



For Better Sleep

Read more about our exclusive Type A Sleep Massage for those who want to or need to sleep better. Get more info and learn why our Type A Sleep Massage can help you sleep better. Click here to read more

For Runners and Athletes

Read more about how our Massage for Runners can help you run better, reduce soreness and prevent injuries. Click here to read more.




New Client Special

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No need to tip, it is included in the price.

About Our Rates

We don’t do packages and our therapists don’t except tips.  Now simply purchase the massage session you would like and use it when ever you want. Once your massage session is used you will automatically be charged for the same massage as the last one. The price listed includes the tip.  e.i. If you purchased a 90min massage. The day that you use it your CC will be charged for another 90min massage. That way you’ll always have one massage waiting for you to use.

*just let us know if you want to increase or decrease the duration of the massages.

All Massage Therapist Are:

Nationally Certified

Background Checked

Interviewed In-Person

Fully Insured

Reference Checked

Committed to Helping You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals!



“straight forward pricing and no hidden fee, plus NO tipping, we want to relax and not have to think about anything but relaxing… “ – Nathaniel, Owner of Type A Training 

  1. Please make sure you’ve filled out an intake form before the therapist arrives. Go here for forms.
  2. We do not provide services to people under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  3. Do I need my own massage table? 

    There’s no need for your own massage table. Our therapists bring the massage table, clean sheets, oils, and music to create the full massage experience.

  4.  How often should I get a massage?

    That’s a tough one!  Yet we are asked just this all the time. There’s no one-size fits all answer. The real question is what are your goals from massage therapy? Are you looking to create change or maintain an already balanced body?

    As a general guideline, once a week creates change, every other week supports minimal change, and once a month helps maintain your body just the way it is. It’s a decision only you can make.  We can give you our opinion if you ask, but we will never pressure you. Also we make our clients fill out a form before time which will also make it easier to see exactly what your needs are.

  5. We find that clients like to have their own lines to be used in the massage session, so they do not have to worry and they can have it just the way they like. (you’ll need two sheets, a bath towel and two big bed pillows).

  6. In preparation for the session, do not have an empty stomach nor eat too heavily. Enjoy a full meal at least one to two hours for proper digestion.
  7. Customized music is offered for your pleasure, so please think of a genre of music and/or Pandora station; or if you have your own playlist on your Ipod/Iphone you are welcome to play it.
  8. If you start late for your appointment, we may not be able to ensure you the full length of time, so please start on time.