So what do all busy New Yorkers have in common when it deals with exercising… time of course! With that said, the second most important factor is the effectiveness of your workouts. Therefore, our full body workouts always include Strength, Endurance, Agility and Flexibility. With our 30 minute program you will receive an efficient workout saving you time and keeping your busy New York City day on track!


At Type A Training our trainers offer many different types of workouts and programs to help you reach your goals, including reduced body fat, improved strength, increased lean muscle mass, improved strength, and much more. All One on One Training is customized for your specific needs. Discover your full potential and eliminate the guesswork. Whether you are looking for encouragement and guidance with every workout or just a change in your routine, Type A Training will help ensure that you will get the most out of what you put in.


30 Minute Training Sessions

The Starter Pack (Four Sessions)
$200 | $50 per Save $140
Four 30 Min Sessions
$340 | $85per
Eight 30 Min Sessions
$656 | $82 per
Twelve 30 Min. Sessions
$960 | $80per
Twenty Four 30 Min. Sessions
$1848 | $77per

*Save 5% off entire package when you use Auto-Renew